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The Best Exercise Ball Workout Moves for Your Whole Body

2. Pike

A. Start in plank position with palms on floor and shins on ball.

B. Draw hips forward and up (ball will roll under toes) until butt is in line with shoulders. (To modify, bend knees if needed.) Pause, then slowly return to start. Repeat for 30 seconds.

Sets: 3

Reps: AMRAP3. Crab Toe Touch

A. Sitting on ball, walk feet forward until ball rolls just below shoulder blades; place fingertips behind head with elbows bent out to sides to start.

B. Lift and extend left leg as you reach right hand to touch toes. Switch sides; repeat. Continue alternating sides for 1 minute.

Sets: 3


4. Push-Up on Ball

A. Lie with your abdomen on an exercise ball and walk your hands forward on the floor until the ball rests under your thighs.

B. Pull your navel in toward your spine, bending your elbows.

C. Lower your upper body to the floor. Hold this position for three seconds, and then push up so your elbows are straight but not locked. (Keep your head in line with your spine and your abs engaged throught this execise ball workout move.) Repeat for 1 minute.

Sets: 3


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