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Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training

We are happy to announce that our Director of Fitness, Lance Garrett CFT, is introducing Blood Flow Restriction or (BFR) training to the members at Workouts Unlimited for 20% off. Lance is a Certified 25 year veteran in the fitness and medical arena and he has been training our gym members young and old for over 3 years now. He has seen many fitness trends and exercise modalities come and go over the years and say BFR Training is a game-changer and here to stay. After many months of research and training with BFR cuffs himself, he decided to get certified and accredited in BFR Training through Modern Manual Therapy- “The Eclectic Approach to Modern Strength Training”

What is Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training you ask?

BFR training is a unique modality of exercise that requires a Certified BFR Training Specialist to check blood pressure utilizing a doplar and applying constricting cuffs to the upper arms or upper legs that restrict blood flow between 20-80% of normal blood flow capacity.

What is the Science of Blood Flow Restriction Training?

Blood pressure cuffs are used with the intent to allow arterial blood flow into the muscle, while also physically occluding or (minimizing) venous blood return from the muscle. In doing so, BFR training causes a temporary decline in both oxygen delivery to the limb-thus creating a stressful physiological environment within the muscle tissue. This environment of restricting blood flow return has been shown to cause large increases in exercising heart rate, enhanced Type II or (large fast-twitch) muscle fiber recruitment, and greatly intensifies systemic hormone production (with emphasis on a number of anabolic growth factors). The natural occurring Growth Hormone produced in the pituitary gland can increase by up to 200% after BFR training,- “that’s a good thing”

Why would I want to add BFR Training to my current work-out?

To stimulate physiological adaptation including, increased muscle hypertrophy, and protein synthesis in the muscles while minimizing mechanical load. The muscle pumps you obtain from BFR training are next-level!! This means that BFR training if done properly offers a mode of exercise that can cause rapid improvement in strength, muscle growth, fat loss, cardiovascular health, and overall fitness performance. Many of us are unable to lift heavyweight because of the strain it puts on our joints, tendons, and due to old injuries. In this case, BFR training is a natural fit. By using BFR Cuffs, and restricting venous return, we only have a 20-50% strength capacity of our 1Max rep, but our body reacts and adapts believing we are working at 100% capacity. Did I mention the muscle pumps are next-level!!?

What if I have a lingering injury or just had surgery?

Science has also shown that BFR training can accelerate recovery from musculoskeletal injuries in clinical populations. The United States Military and top doctors have recommended BFR training for many soldiers with catastrophic injuries to aid in rapid injury recovery. Sierra Orthopaedic in Fresno has recommended many of its patients to receive BFR Training post-surgery, and Lance Garrett CFT has accommodated a handful of their patients. In some cases, BFR training has actually kept clients from having to receive a surgery altogether, one reason being that science has shown more nutrient-dense blood is produced through this training modality accelerating healing.

Who is a good candidate for BFR Training?
  • Young athletes who have reached puberty
  • Young athletes looking to increase athletic performance
  • Collegiate athletes looking to increase athletic performance
  • Professional athletes
  • People with specific injuries
  • Young and middle-aged females
  • Young and middle-aged men
  • People pressed for time
  • Average Joe/Jill
  • Senior citizens

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