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Corporate Account Rates


  • Members must acknowledge ALL Corporate rates are a 1-year contract.
  • Each individual is counted as one person towards their corporate number. Any family member added on that is not an employee of your organization does not count towards your corporate number.
  • The second person added onto the account who is not an employee pays a one-time add on fee of $50.00
  • Each additional family member that is added on to your account is an extra $20.00 per month. (Family members include: husband, wife, child over the age of 16 years old).
  • Early Termination Fees apply: $200.00 per individual
Members Price Per Month
5 - 9 $35.00
10 - 15 $32.00
16-20 $29.00
21 - 24 $26.00
25 $23.00


Plan Price
Single Membership
One Time Sign Up Fee
Couples Membership
One Time Sign Up Fee