High Protein Pumpkin Yogurt

A delicious, high-protein snack packed with Fall flavors!

Ingredients Needed:
-2-5.3 ounce containers of Oikos Triple Zero greek yogurt
-1/4 C. Pumpkin Puree
-Pumpkin pie spice

Pictured (& Suggested) Toppings:
-Chia Seeds
-Raw, unsalted pumpkin seeds
-Unsweetened, shredded coconut

Other Optional Toppings:
-Almond butter
-Honey or maple syrup

Combine yogurt, pumpkin puree and desired amount of pumpkin pie spice.
Add preferred toppings and enjoy!

Macros excludes toppings:
19 grams Carbs/ .2 grams Fat/ 30.5 grams Protein
202 Total Calories

Did you know…
A high protein diet helps promote lean muscle mass, strengthens bones & speeds of muscle recovery? Protein also helps keep you full longer aiding in fat loss